Artist Challenge 2018- Making us Stronger together


Artist Challenge 2018- Making us Stronger together


Quiet Spring Dream

I would like to devises a weekly art challenge, or as I like to think of them, a humble encouragements. We’ll call it a challenge as that’s language that many of us are used to, since they are everywhere these days. But think of it as an invitation if that feels less arduous and wearing! This is for everyone!

Making us Stronger together

These challenges are aimed at making it easier to connect with other artists and kindred spirits.

The added bonus is that it’s designed to build your ‘story’ as an artist. It’ll help you clarify aspects of your own process, what works and what doesn’t, and hopefully make it easier to talk about your work and motivations. People love to know more about the person behind the art – this will give them a glimpse behind the curtain and help us connect with each other as humans and creative beings.

I will give you a description of the Challenge. You get to create with any medium of art and its techniques. (Photography, watercolor, oils, pencil, metal, written word…)
As artist post their work, we can gently and constructively comment what we think. Remember, not all people like harsh critiques and may not participate again. On the other hand, you will not improve if you don’t listen to some creative direction and encouragements. These weekly challenges are to get us back in the roll of creating, expressing and relaxing in the moment.

Who would like to do this?

pass it on and let see how many people we can encourage to play along.

First Challenge : FINDING A WHISPER!


Let sleeping babies and dogs rest

How beautiful it is, here in Ohio on this perfect, August day. I’m sitting outside for the first time in weeks. Things have kept me far to busy, for me to escape to one of my quiet chairs in the backyard. It’s not as quiet as it once was, but it will do and it is mine:). I was able to cross a few accomplishments off my to do list. So, my reward is this!

I have a young friend who will be having her first baby soon. So today, I painted her a sleeping baby. I still treasure gifts from my first baby shower, some 27 yrs ago. I hope she enjoys it!



Alex and Violet

I have a hardtime doing Portraits. The reasoning is, I don’t want my faces to look creepy-faced!  You know what I mean.  The distrorted face: eyes in the wrong places or evil eyed, nose all jacked up, bad shading, man hands on a women, haha< the Creepy protrait.  Not what I want to be known to do.  So, I’m half heartily putting it out there to be critiqued. Be nice! It is a gift:)

violet with alex in time-out

violet with alex in time-out

This watercolor is for my cousins DeeAnn and Jeff Massey!  I’m Done!

Canal Winchester Art Guild Art Stroll TODAY

Canal Winchester is having an Art Stroll this afternoon. May 11, 2013  2-8pm.

Hey everyone in Central Ohio Today is a great day to get out and go for a stroll.  

I’m selling all of my Dogs,  Honey Bee and Chickens Watercolors.  A portion of my sales will be going to missions. Please, come on out!

I was really OK with just showing my stuff (artwork), but as soon as I put a price tag on the artwork I’ve gotten anxious, irritable and somewhat reserve. UUGH”!  I just need to find my happy place and everything will be OK!  These Painting were the handy work of God!  I hope you can see him in them.  I love getting out there and meeting people and watching them enjoy the beauty and amazement of what some colored water can become.  So, when I see you today, give me a hug and tell me your enjoying the stroll.  Don’t forget to step into Fantasy Cupcake and look at the art and buy something delicious:)  Hugs to all my favorite people!  That includes YOU!

Art Stroll in Canal Winchester Ohio 2113

Laurie Dotson Showing At Fantasy Cupcake  Come on out

Laurie Dotson Showing At Fantasy Cupcake Come on out

Beautiful Bird – Wonderful Dreams

Last week, a girlfriend came over for our monthly painting session.  We have grown to love these times together and the creative calibration. I cherish these times with her.  Here is what I painted with her:)


A couple years ago, I wanted to start a monthly artist challenge group. The Group would consistent of artist in all ages, passions and mediums: paintings, photography, sculpting, glass, metel, etc…    The Group would gather for wine and cheese, the new challenge of the month, brainstorming, and a show, tell and critique time.  I’m one of those artist who love to absorb the creative vibe from other creative minds. It helps me to see the world differently and stretch my love of story telling and art.   Maybe this will come to pass one day:)  I can dream a dream