Working a painting for to long

I enjoy painting, but there are times when I don’t have a vision for the painting.  When that happens my painting are over worked…by me!  It’s not a bad painting. It just doesn’t flow like my favorites.  i’ve already started the second painting.

Santa and Child

This is the best part of painting. Nothing is perfect and everything can be done again:)  Createfor the love of it!



The beginnings 

  I was updating my face book last fall, when I noticed a sweet post from a friend.  She was with some friends in Tennessee. I’m assuming this, because that’s where she lives. Whenever I think about her, she is in Tennessee at some famous music stars home, making them meow their voices into perfection.  Any how, she posted a hallmark photo of a little boy listening intently to Santa Claus.  I asked and received permission to paint him.  This is the beginnings. 

Praying and painting