Dogs are in full color today!

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Today I’m painting for the Art walk in Canal Winchester on May 12, 2013!  I will be in Fantasy Cupcake bakery.  My Daughter-in-law is the owner and she is hosting me for the show.  There are many artist and businesses working together to promote our love of art and of our businesses.

Here are a few Dogs I’v painted in the last few months.

Uncle Mark's Dogs

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7 thoughts on “Dogs are in full color today!

    • Hi Bev, thank you for your sweet compliments. I love color and the way water colors flow on the paper. It’s a fun hobby:). About the recipe. If you want to add ingredients to this recipe I would remove something or match with what removing. So if you want 1/2 cup of dried cranberries in the recipe, then removed 1/2cup of nuts. If you would like oatmeal then remove flour. I hope that makes since. Good luck with your recipe;). Have a good day

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