Artist Challenge 2018- Making us Stronger together


Artist Challenge 2018- Making us Stronger together


Quiet Spring Dream

I would like to devises a weekly art challenge, or as I like to think of them, a humble encouragements. We’ll call it a challenge as that’s language that many of us are used to, since they are everywhere these days. But think of it as an invitation if that feels less arduous and wearing! This is for everyone!

Making us Stronger together

These challenges are aimed at making it easier to connect with other artists and kindred spirits.

The added bonus is that it’s designed to build your ‘story’ as an artist. It’ll help you clarify aspects of your own process, what works and what doesn’t, and hopefully make it easier to talk about your work and motivations. People love to know more about the person behind the art – this will give them a glimpse behind the curtain and help us connect with each other as humans and creative beings.

I will give you a description of the Challenge. You get to create with any medium of art and its techniques. (Photography, watercolor, oils, pencil, metal, written word…)
As artist post their work, we can gently and constructively comment what we think. Remember, not all people like harsh critiques and may not participate again. On the other hand, you will not improve if you don’t listen to some creative direction and encouragements. These weekly challenges are to get us back in the roll of creating, expressing and relaxing in the moment.

Who would like to do this?

pass it on and let see how many people we can encourage to play along.

First Challenge : FINDING A WHISPER!


Working a painting for to long

I enjoy painting, but there are times when I don’t have a vision for the painting.  When that happens my painting are over worked…by me!  It’s not a bad painting. It just doesn’t flow like my favorites.  i’ve already started the second painting.

Santa and Child

This is the best part of painting. Nothing is perfect and everything can be done again:)  Createfor the love of it!


The beginnings 

  I was updating my face book last fall, when I noticed a sweet post from a friend.  She was with some friends in Tennessee. I’m assuming this, because that’s where she lives. Whenever I think about her, she is in Tennessee at some famous music stars home, making them meow their voices into perfection.  Any how, she posted a hallmark photo of a little boy listening intently to Santa Claus.  I asked and received permission to paint him.  This is the beginnings. 

Praying and painting


Getting life in perspective!

When life is crazy and you can’t seem to stop thinking about “poor little ole’ me”. Someone comes into your life for just a brief moment to remind you that life is not about me but about giving and living.  I never met this man. He was a friends family member.  But through photos and the memories from his family, I was able to see his life.  Brief as it is – I hope you too can see how loved he was by the ones who new him best! Becky's Cousin memorial

I’m not putting anything on hold!  I’m going to do it all with a smile on my face!

I want to love and to be loved!

When the day comes when I will need to be painted.

The painting will be big, colorful, full of volume and the story of my life can be read in one brief moment!